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Product Review, November 2002

Product Review, November 2002

Michelle Boyles, Assistant Editor

More Multifocals

Bausch & Lomb’s SofLens Multi-Focal contact lenses are now available in the United States. The SofLens provides presbyopes with better binocularity and crisp vision at all distances, B&L says. They also claim that it is remarkably easy to fit. SofLens is made of Hilafilcon A, a non-ionic material with 70% water content. And, using a new process, the cast molds used to make the lens become part of the package. SofLens MultiFocals are available in powers from +6.00D to -10.00D, and in base curves 8.5mm and 8.8mm with a lens diameter of 14.2mm. Daily wear lenses are recommended for two-week replacement. Call 1-800-553-5340 or go to


The Classics collection of office furniture from EyeDesigns features freestanding displays and stylish details. Call 1-800-346-8890, or go to
C-VUE is for Contacts

The new C-VUE Multifocal contact lens from Unilens Corporation USA is a cast-molded, polymacon, center-near design. C-VUE blends near and intermediate zones into a spherically corrected design, the manufacturer says. It’s available in blister-packed boxes of six lenses. C-Vue comes in a 14.5mm diameter, and is available in base curves of 8.5mm and 8.8mm, add powers up to +2.50D and sphere powers of +4.00D to -6.00D.
Fitting sets are available in 120 and 240 lens options, supported by what Unilens calls a “liberal” trial lens program. You can prescribe C-VUE for two-week or four-week replacement. Call 1-800-446-2020, or go to

From A to Z
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has granted Con-Cise Contact Lens Co. approval to market the Menicon Z lens for 30 days of continuous wear. In clinical trials, 317 patients successfully wore Menicon Z lenses for up to 30 days, Menicon says. And, Con-Cise has expanded the available range of designs to include toric and bitoric lenses. Call 1-800-772-3922, or go to

Presbyopic Photochromics

Adaptar Transitions Gray in Airwear is Essilor of America’s latest polycarbonate, photochromic offering. This progressive lens is available in five graduated designs for each stage of presbyopia. Essilor says the lenses are 43% lighter and 35% thinner than standard plastic. Add powers go up to 3.00D, with base powers of 2.25D to 7.25D. Call 1-800-377-4567, or go to

Large Lenses
Bristol Consulting & Development Inc. now offers larger sizes for its Bristolite high-performance polycarbonate single-vision, aspheric lenses. The lenses, which the company claims are the thinnest, lightest and flattest on the market, are available in base curves of 4.25D, 6.25D, 8.25D and 10.25D, with powers of +1.00D to +10.00D. Bristolite lenses are scratch and impact resistant. Call 1-877-255-1181, or go to

Tough Stuff

SOLA International will now make Teflon EasyCare Lens Coating available on SOLA and American Optical single-vision and progressive lenses in CR-39 resin and polycarbonate. Teflon EasyCare coating is comparable to premium hard coats in terms of scratch resistance and has a low visible reflection, SOLA says. The company says a combination of hydrophobic and anti-static properties make the coating easy for patients to clean. Call 707-765-1378, or go to

Continuous Tint
Continua Tintable, from Vision-Ease Lens Inc., is a line of value-priced ophthalmic lenses meant to replace the company’s Allegra lens line. Vision-Ease says the lenses are up to 25% thinner, 50% lighter and 50% flatter than standard plastic lenses. Continua Tintable lenses also feature a fast-tinting UV-cured hardcoat that tints to full sunlens density.
The lenses are available in semi-finished single-vision or finished single-vision formats. Call 1-800-328-3449, or go to

Prescription for Protection

The new EXTS Titanium frames from Titmus Optical Inc. feature a stainless steel hidden rim that attaches to a titanium chassis. EXTS are lightweight and meet current
ANSI standards for impact protection as well as ISO endurance and bridge deformation tests for durability.
Two eye shapes are available. EXTS1 is a modified rectangular shape with a single-bridge design. It’s available in sizes 48/21-140 and 50/21-145, and colors light gray matte and light brown matte. Next up is EXTS2, a unisex oval-shaped frame with a single-bridge design. Sizes are 48/21-140 and 50/21-145, with colors light and dark brown matte. Call 1-800-446-1802, or go to

Nike Goes to the Max
Marchon’s Nike Vision has introduced Nike Max Rx prescription impact- and shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses that enhance straight-ahead visual performance. The company says that its atoric front-surface design and custom-manufactured back surface correct off-axis and peripheral fields to produce a 130-degree, virtually distortion-free zone. Lenses are available in flash-mirrored, polarized and specialty tints. Nike Max Rx lenses provide maximum protection from wind, dust, pollution and UV rays. Call 1-800-486-2298, or go to

Get “G”iggy
Guess Eyewear has a new unisex optical grouping in G Combinations. Three styles are designed with metal fronts, thin handmade temples, spring hinges and flexible nose pads.
• The GU113 is a sharp, square look in size 49/18-138 and colors black, brown and navy.
• The GU114 is a wide oval shape in sizes 46/20-138 and 48/20-143, and colors brown, gunmetal and navy. 
• The GU115 is an edgy, wide rectangle. It comes in sizes 47/18-133 and 49/18-138, and colors burgundy, gunmetal and silver. Call 1-800-345-8482, or go to

Siren Song

Siren is the newest frame in Costa Del Mar’s Island Collection. These frames, designed for women, provide full coverage and feature Megol nose pads, nickel-silver spring hinges and fully adjustable wire core temples. Call 1-800-447-3700, or go to


Luxottica Group has added another feature to its Revo line: polarized photochromic lenses. These lenses feature the glare-cutting advantages of polarized lenses and the light-adjusting benefits of photochromics. Five styles are available in rose and brown lens colors on matte finish metal frames. Three are also available in an olive-colored lens.
Olive lenses transmit 24.7% percent of light when in-doors and 15.5% when exposed to the sun. Rose colored lenses go from 24.7% to 15.1% light transmission when activated. And, brown lenses go from 19.8% to 10.7% transmission, Luxottica claims. Call (516) 484-3800 or go to

The Wizard of Optical Tools

Breitfeld & Schliekert added the Screw Wizard to its line of optical tools and repair parts. The Screw Wizard fits on a hand-drill unit. The Screw Wizard Cap surrounds a diamond wheel that protects the lens from damage. The Screw Wizard includes a drill unit, diamond wheel and the Screw Wizard Cap. Call 1-888-429-5779, or go to

It’s Mini-Me, Baby!
The Optisource Mini-Me is a compact tinting system that allows any size optical to apply tints, scratch-resistant and UV coatings to lenses. Occupying an area of 10 inches by 10 inches, the Mini-Me sits directly on a heating element and reaches full heating capacity in 14 minutes. Because the system can be turned on only when needed, the Mini-Me eliminates the need for heat transfer fluid making it an environmentally friendly device. 
It’s available in a two-pan or four-pan unit. Either is free with the purchase of an Optisource starter combination pack of six bottles of UV solution, two bottles of scratch-resistant coating, two bottles of Nu-Tralizer and a six-pack of dyes. Call 1-800-678-4768, or go to

Vision Videos

Three new patient videos from Vistakon are available as part of its “Acuvue Eye Health Advisor” patient education program.
• “Tips on Wearing and Caring for Your Contact Lenses” explains basic eye anatomy, what to expect during an eye exam and how to keep lenses clean and comfortable.
• “Contact Lens Application and Removal” demonstrates the proper insertion and removal, and contact lens care.
• “Healthy Contact Lens Wear and Care” talks about different types of lenses, and how to clean lenses and maximize lens comfort. 
Vistakon also has introduced a video titled “Run for Cover,” plus a guide and workbook, to help train your employees on how to respond to dissatisfied or unhappy patients. Tips for your staff include how to react to a complaint, resolve an issue and avoid similar problems in the future. Call 1-800-874-5278 or go to
Essilor of America is offering an in-office video to teach patients about the latest lens technologies while they wait in your reception area. This complimentary video, “Vision Today,” features information on progressive, anti-reflective and polycarbonate lenses in a talk-show format. Call 1-800-377-4567 or go to

OP Sunglasses for Kids

Polycarbonate UV400 lenses are standard in the these three new OP sunglass styles for children:
• The Aloha Girl is a plastic almond-eye-shaped frame available in size 55/14-130. Colors are blue, brown and rose.
• The unisex Zero Degrees is a three-piece rimless design featuring metal temples and adjustable silicone nose pads. It is available in size 57/18-130, and colors are bronze, gunmetal and navy blue.
• Viper is a unisex oval-eye-shaped frame featuring a metal front with wrapped metal end pieces. It is available in size 55/18-135 and colors are black and silver. Call ClearVision Optical 1-800-654-3733, or go to

A Cole Catalog

REACTION Kenneth Cole has released its first sun and eyewear catalog. The full-color catalog is divided into a sunglass section and an ophthalmic eyewear with sun clips section. Colorful tints, double gradients, rimless designs and molded click-on clips are featured to target younger customers. Call 1-888-424-2375, or go to

Get the Goods on ClearVision

The ClearVision 2002 catalog features more than 300 frame collections from Kenneth Cole New York, REACTION Kenneth Cole, IZOD Eyes, Jessica McClintock, OP, Fisher-Price, Save the Children and Clear-Vision house brands are featured in the 96-page catalog. Visual samples of point of purchase and merchandising items are also included. Call 1-800-645-3733, or go to

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